In a work environment Brill excels due to its adaptable nature (diluting to job), so this one product can cater for;

  • cleaning floors
  • cleaning machines
  • degreasing equipment and tools
  • staff and public area cleans
  • glass and window cleans & more

With it's non acid, non bleach and 100% biodegradable base Brill does not just leave an incredible finish but doesn't cause harm to people, equipment or environment and at around 28 pence per 500ml bottle (diluted to job) the price will delight. It is also silicone free which means it won't leave a slippery finish. With injuries due to slipping or tripping a major issue for UK Businesses Brill is not only cost effective but safe in the workplace. 

This cleaner will cut through any grime and is truly versatile, a budget cleaning concentrate that is at the top end for quality
— Vaughan Chambers


1 x 5Ltr £29.95

2 x 5Ltr + 1 free £59.90

3 x 5Ltr + 2 free £89.85

4 x 5Ltr + 3 free £119.80

6 x 5Ltr + 6 free £179.70

Please call to order; 07544255891

Brill cleaner classic (Englands Best Cleaner)